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top mileage tracking apps

Basically if you earn money with your car, you need to keep records. Your driving expenses are part of your side gig or small business, thus they are tax deductions.

Each app may separately tell you that you drove 50 miles, so if you add up that info you’ll end up incorrectly reporting 100 miles. Because there are way too many apps, we want to give you a simple table that shows you all the top trackers at a glance. Automatically capture all of your drives, deductions and reimbursements. I can’t say the interface is anywhere near as polished or intuitive as MileIQ’s, but for less than half the annual price, you get a very versatile, feature-rich mileage-tracking tool.

Top Mileage Tracker Apps

You can also generate expense reports that are useful for tax prep. Remarkably, the app is completely free with no in-app purchases or premium subscriptions. Like other mileage tracker apps, Everlance can automatically detect and track your tips. If you want to start top mileage tracking apps or add a trip manually, it supports it as well. Everlance is the highest rated mileage tracker app on the list. It’s a complete expense tracker, so you can keep tabs on mileage with the automated GPS system on your smart device, as well as record other expenses.

The main disadvantage of the mileage tracker app is the fact that it is more specifically designed to track income and profit, rather than offer a tax solution. Therefore, additional accounting software is usually needed. For example, some trackers charge a monthly or annual fee, while others have an up-front cost.


TripLog offers a robust feature set that matches — and in some cases even exceeds — MileIQ’s, but for a lower price. In fact, you can use the app for free for up to five vehicles, complete with manual or GPS-based trip logging, vehicle fuel- and expense-tracking and map-based route review. Think about how much effort you want to put in to view the information or to share it with the IRS or your company for reimbursement. Some apps let you easily export PDFs and spreadsheets with mileage and expenses, but this is not a universal feature. You should also ensure that your chosen mileage tracker app lets you categorize the trip, providing some details. At the least, ensure that it will record the dates and locations of your trips, with the ability for you to enter the purpose.

  • This app has been in existence since 2016 and has already covered 95 million kilometers across six continents and 50 countries.
  • Anyone who lists themselves as a driver on their resume, or someone who frequently drives to different job sites, may rely on mileage trackers to save on expenses.
  • Many other apps short change the mileage you have traveled by 10% and even more.
  • MileIQ automatically logs your miles and works in the background without the need to press “start” or “stop” during your trips.

It has a built-in GPS and a trip classification button and indicator. Since Hurdlr offers other expense tracking capabilities, it can be used to track expenses beyond travel for other tax deductions. If you’re just starting your business or dipping your toes into expense reporting apps in general, Hurdlr might be the one-stop-shop you’re looking for. The SherpaShare Mileage Tracker was built specifically for rideshare drivers. The cost of the app is $6 per month for those interested in unlocking features such as heatmaps, mileage tracking and driver chat. This one is exclusively for individuals or businesses that offer taxi, ride-sharing, or delivery services.

Automatic Tracking

And, you can send these reports to any email address or to your tax preparer. With the free plan, there’s a limit of 40 trips or expenses on reports.

  • Download a full record of your trips and transactions, any time and anywhere, with a click of a button.
  • You may find the apps below, previously reviewed by RSG contributor Christian Perea, work better for you and your situation.
  • We rated Everlance as the best for growing companies because of its range of plans that cover self-employed individuals as well as businesses.
  • Everlance is the easiest way to track all of your business expenses in one convenient location.
  • Everlance is the easy, accurate, automatic way to track mileage & expenses.
  • SherpaShare offers unlimited, automatic mileage tracking via GPS.

There is no escaping this if they want the money they might have spent from their pockets for work reimbursed. Unfortunately, the free version doesn’t include automatic tracking, so you’ll have to enter miles manually.

Features To Support All Your Expense Management Needs

Quickboks Self-Employed is a paid app—there is no free version. QuickBooks Self-Employed is listed at $15 per month, but you can usually find a significant discount. The Self-Employed Tax Bundle gives you access to TurboTax Self-Employed.

With the app, your trip mileage is saved and categorized to assist with tax deductions. With the annual plan, you get unlimited drive tracking, mileage logging, and more. It basically functions as a receipt tracker, business tax calculator, and small business mileage tracker app in one. For keeping track of your business expenses and miles it’s a great app with a lot of offers. TripLog is another good mileage tracker app that offers a range of features.

The 5 Best Mileage Tracker Apps In 2022

Fortunately, even the priciest services can pay for themselves pretty easily if you log a lot of miles, as you’ll be recording trips you might otherwise have missed. This app works automatically as long as you keep your phone’s GPS on and will allow you to quickly assess your mileage rates. Mileage Expense Log will automatically track and log all your mileage. You can then sort your trips into various categories like the purpose of the trip, dates, etc. and can then export this information into a database as either a CVS or HTML.

top mileage tracking apps

Mileage tracking apps can do all the work for you, store valuable information and make reimbursements or deductions a painless process. If you belong to a rideshare program like Lyft or Uber, SherpaShare can be the ideal program to help you maximize your time and deductions with real-time mileage tracking. These programs help keep all of your business expenses organized and easy to generate a monthly, quarterly, or annual report for budgeting or tax purposes. With the advanced AI tracking, users can setup rules for different locations.

Without a mileage tracker app, you could just pay attention to your odometer and take careful notes in your own mileage logbook. However, using one of the best mileage apps will be a much better option. Our intelligent drive technology detects your trips automatically tracks your trip.

From large to small, organizations can expect a seamless user experience. If you take into account all of the miles that may be deductible, the apps tend to under-report your mileage. When you’re ready to go out driving for the day, you turn tracking on. The downside is that you might forget to turn tracking on or off. I love the mileage tracker that lets me input my working hours so it only asks me to tag the important business drives. Every business owner, no matter how small, must keep good records.

The 7 Best Mileage Tracker Apps For Android

The app also allows you to filter your data into easy-to-read reports. Use time, driver, vehicle, tags, or category to get to the information you need to bill your customers or take that tax write-off.

How to Claim the Mileage Tax Deduction – –

How to Claim the Mileage Tax Deduction –

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You can even create multiple businesses in the app, which is handy for folks with multiple gigs. MileIQ offers both the limited free and premium version of the app. While the former only allows 40 trips a month, the latter offers unlimited trip tracking, mileage logging, and more. The company markets themselves to self-employed contractors, freelancers, independent real estate agents and those who make supplemental income via renting homes. One downside is that automatic mileage tracking is not available on the free version.

top mileage tracking apps

Everlance is a popular mileage tracker app that’s really well-rated. The app has more than 15,000 reviews on the Google Play Store and a 4.6-star rating from users. It’s also well-reviewed on The App Store where it has 16.3k ratings and a 4.8-star rating from users.

Is Amazon Flex taxable?

Amazon does not withhold your taxes for you. … As a classified Amazon Flex 1099 self employed delivery driver you must also deduct your own expenses to decrease your tax bill. That responsibility to pay your own taxes is on you.

You can also see your complete state, federal, and self-employed business tax calculator breakdown. So you can read meetings from Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Salesforce and then import them into TripLog. In terms of cost, Everlance has Business and Self-Employed plans available. And you’ll be able view your weekly and daily results on the Earnings tab. This will include your total earnings and total number of trips given. Rest assured that your drive data is yours and yours alone.

Extra Mile:IRS Mileage Tracker by GammaPoint, LLC – AppAdvice

Extra Mile:IRS Mileage Tracker by GammaPoint, LLC.

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Just as important, it enables automatic trip tracking, though the implementation here is a bit confusing. Claiming your worked-related driven miles is a clever way of saving money, but so is finding the right insurance for your business.

  • It does the best job of syncing with banks, monitoring expenses, and automating my bookkeeping as a driver.
  • You can import business expenses directly from your bank account.
  • If you want a combined expense-tracking program or advanced accounting capabilities, options like Hurdlr might be a better option.
  • Apps allow you to set up the program and track mileage with limited time and management required.
  • You can set QuickBooks Self-Employed to automatically track your mileage and then categorize each trip as business or personal.
  • The TripLog dashboard offers thorough reporting features for companies of all sizes.